A Ray of Hope for Disability Disorder

Disability Disorders are a source of major distress and concern to the families of children who are affected. No effort is spared to find solutions and remedies, often without any positive results.

However, there is no longer any reason for despair. Homeopathy offers tremendous hope for such cases. Specifically, Mumbai-based homeopath, Dr. Pravin Jain MD, an authority on Disability Disorders, who visits to Chandigarh every four months, bring in hope & relief for both the children and their parents.

With an experience of 22 years, Dr. Pravin Jain has also penned two books on paediatrics. He has been visiting Chandigarh since 2011.

Homeopathy at HomoeoCARE has some of the most promising treatments for Disability disorders like Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Down Syndrome, Learning Disability, Mental Retardation R, Global Developmental Disorder, ADHD, etc.

Children tend to exhibit this condition differently and in layers. An individualistic approach is required in each and every case. Different homeopathic medicines may be prescribed at various stages of this disease, working to unfold and cure the different layers one by one. The total duration of treatment depends on the severity of illness and the age of the child.

Also, not all those treated improve in the same time frame or to the same extent, and usually improvement depends on the complexity and the age at which the treatment is initiated. We therefore strongly urge parents to start this treatment as early as in age for maximum benefits.

The basic concept of therapy in homeopathy is individualisation, which aims at treating every child differently based on his unique genetic makeup. Each child would be handled with separate medicines even though the two children could be suffering from the same disease. Homeopathy treats each in the context of his or her traits.

Treatment in Disability Disorders requires an additional understanding on the part of a Homoeopath as he has to bring changes at the genetic level. Dr. Pravin Jain, who is popularly known as a homoeopathic pediatrician has worked hard to bring smiles to families suffering from these diseases.

At HomoeoCARE we have a unique Child Observation Room specially designed to observe the activities of a child in a very congenial and friendly environment. Our standardized observation based programs help our doctors to figure out the growth hindering personality traits like shyness, aggression, learning disabilities and hyperactivity. The child is mad to indulge in various creative activities too – sketching/colouring for example. This helps to analyze and have a better understanding of the child on the psychological aspects. While we properly evaluate such children by our observation, the mother’s history during pregnancy is also taken into account before prescribing the treatment.

After a thorough discussion with parents, an appropriate medicine remedy is given to the child, which helps him to overcome his problems.

At HomoeoCARE, we work extensively with a multi-pronged approach in the treatment of special children. Homeopathic medicines are natural and therefore, free from side-effects. Constitutional homeopathic medicines have proved to improve child development and behavioural skills. It helps overcome disability to a large extent to aid the proper development of the child. With proper homeopathic treatment, we can improve the behaviour and concentration of children. The overall goal of the treatment is to reduce the child’s symptoms, help him integrate better into society, and live a happier and more meaningful life.

Homeopathy believes in “treating the man in disease and not the disease in man.”

Homeopathic medicines can affect gene expression and have the capacity to promote changes in gene activity, thus helping bring about significant improvement so that all children can lead a normal life.

We recommend parents to be patient, positive, committed and observant to the changes during our Homeopathic treatment.

Homeopathic remedies, in general, have no known side effects whatsoever. They are recommended for all age groups and can be taken for longer durations without the fear of any harmful side-effects. You can be 100% sure of their safety and efficacy.

56 % of patients who have taken treatment at HomoeoCARE for disability disorders have found it to be beneficial and are competing with their peers in mainstream education. The parents of these children see a ray of hope in their otherwise sad life. Indeed, HomoeoCARE offers a beacon of hope to the families of the child suffering from ADHD, Autism, Learning disabilities, GDD, Slow Learners, CP, and MR.

It has been revealed that homeopathy holds the key to managing paediatric developmental disorders. We know from our experiences that ADHD, ODD, conduct disorders, repetitive behaviour, etc. can be treated with homeopathy with great success.

Homeopathic medicines have the power of controlling these diseases which otherwise remain a grave concern for the parents. Conditions, where modern medicines fail to give results, can be treated very safely with Homeopathy.

“Gift your child a positive way to live with Homoeopathy, through HomoeoCARE.”