What Is Autism?

Autism is a complex developmental disability in which the normal ability of a child to perceive, process, interpret and respond to external inputs is affected, making it harder for them to communicate and interact in a social environment. Children with this condition find it challenging to link words to their meanings. Parents will usually complaint that their child isn’t responding to their name when called or pays no heed when asked to follow simple commands.

Till date, there is no known definite cause of ASD. Suspected causes are: Genetics, vaccines , environmental pollutions, chronic inflammation of brain cells :neuron, poor neuro immunity, heavy metal toxins, active TORCH infection to mother during pregnancy.

Even a minor event in the child’s life is the event of that child’s world because children are like wet cement; whatever falls on them makes an impression. These impressions are the root cause of the sufferings like changed behaviour and ADHD, autism, aggressiveness etc.

Signs/Symptoms Of Autism

Autistic children tend to experience and react abnormally to sensory inputs like loud sounds, bright light, touch, crowds etc. and may show repetitive self-stimulatory behavior such hand flapping, rocking, head banging, excessive jumping, spinning objects etc.

Autism is a spectrum disorder as children in this spectrum may experience a wide range of symptoms and their level of disability can vary considerably.

SocialCommunicationBehavior/Associated Disorder
avoid eye contact trouble engaging or relating to others difficulty playing social games or using toys appropriately some difficulty regulating or showing emotionsdelay in babbling or speaking sudden stop or regression in learning to speak significant delay in understanding language echolalia or repeating words or phrases flat or even voice tonerepetitive behavior (hand flapping, rocking, jumping, echolalia etc.) Fixation or engaging in a singular activity over and over Gastrointesinal Disorders (constipation, diarrhea etc.) Seizures disorders and difficulty sleeping eating non food items sensory processing difficulties with sound, smell, tastes, sights or movements

HomoeoCARE’s Approach

Homoeopathy have most promising treatment for ASD. Children tend to present this condition differently and in layers. An individualistic approach is required in each and every case. Different homeopathic medicines may be prescribed at different stages of this condition, working to unfold and cure the different layers one by one. Total duration of treatment depends upon the severity of illness, age of the child.

The ultimate outcome of our treatment is rewarding and we consistently see a reversal in a large number of children. Also, not all those treated improve in the same time frame or to the same extent and usually depends on the complexity and age at which treatment is initiated. We therefore strongly urge parents to start this treatment as early as in age for maximum benefits.

We strongly recommend parents to be patient, positive, committed and observant to the changes during the course of our Homeopathic treatment as prescribing the correct remedy as this condition unfolds is the key to treating this condition successfully.

Homeopathic remedies in general have no known side effects whatsoever. They are recommended for all age groups and can be taken for longer durations without the fear of any harmful side-effects. You can be 100% sure of their safety and efficacy.

HomoeoCARE’s Success

Mast Joshi’s parents of 4 years old have this to say “We take this humble opportunity to stay grateful to you for all the support and commitment I have received as a parent that has been helping me get over the issues we had seen with our son over the last few months. We realize that a few months of your medication has helped him calm down drastically, stay focused, has drastically improved his concentration levels and attention span which has helped him come up the learning curve quickly. We have seem some amazing improvement with his behavior, his receptive communication improving drastically. His instruction following has been improving .We are simply awaiting his language to develop completely.

Needless to say, through Homoeopathy at HomoeoCARE it has allowed to gave us hope and the means to celebrate the childhood of our son . It has made an enormous positive impact. Thank you.

“Homeopathy at HomooeCARE : A Journey from Dependent to being independent “