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Homeopathy helps cure patients completely. It is not something that suppresses a disease but finds permanent cures. That’s why it is sometimes blamed for bringing out old diseases!

The word suppression is used inseparably in the medical field. Suppression is the disappearance of existing symptoms in lieu of some other new suffering, which might involve more vital organ of the body. For instance, the skin eruptions, when treated with local application, may disappear, but later on the patient would either develop asthma or rheumatic pains.

A person is never affected from birth with a complicated disease, but always a simple curable disease progresses into a complex incurable disease.

Progression of disease in the normal healthy born baby follows as:

First the disease to affect a healthy child is nappy rash to which an over-anxious mother applies local ointment. Mother thinks well, it has gone within no time by mere application of local ointment, but is she right to think so? Does it mean that when a disease becomes invisible, it is cured? No, the case is not so. Instead it has progressed to deeper level affecting more important and vital organs.

Thus, this nappy rash is never cured with such local application, but progresses to the interior of the body. After a few days, the child is attacked by upper respiratory tract infection that is marked by dry cough, watery nasal discharge and fever. Now again the overanxious mother loads her child with various kinds of cough syrups, antibiotics, etc. Administration of all such medicines gives the child temporary relief, but does not result in cure or permanent relief as after some days, the child is again down with the same complaint. Repeated application of the same medicines results in mere temporary relief for a while. This vicious circle keeps on repeating with ever decreasing interval between the two attacks and ever-increasing intensity of the attack. This decreased frequency and increased intensity shows that the disease is advancing further with a greater pace. As the child grows, he keeps on suffering from wet cough (cough with expectoration), difficulty in breathing, high grade fever etc. and finally one day lands with an attack of asthma or breathlessness.

Parents do not stop here as they are unable to understand this progression of disease and the child is given nebulizers, bronchodilators etc. His asthma gets better but this child now grows into stout, lethargic, apparently healthy looking individual. He starts suffering from pains in various joints especially neck pain and it is then attributed to his reading habits and computer usage. However they don’t realize that it is the progression of disease from respiratory system to the musculoskeletal system.

Now this child, who has become adult, continues to take medicines for neck pain diagnosed as cervical spondylosis, and the diseases are further pushed inside. He develops hypertension, which is again attributed to the work pressure and changing life style. Little realising that it is again progression of disease from musculoskeletal system to cardiovascular system. Continuing suppressive mode of treatment pushes the patient from one system to another but he is never cured. This is called as progression of disease which starts from skin eruption to respiratory illness to stomach infections to joint problems to heart problems to diabetes then to strokes and paralysis and then finally to some incurable like cancers, tumours etc. It is worthwhile to note that in spite of advances in medical sciences, illnesses suffered by people today are more complicated. The incidences of diabetes and hypertension in suppression of disease from one layer to next. Statistics demonstrate the threat of acute diseases has diminished in this century, although not because of therapeutic effectiveness and there is a corresponding increase in chronic diseases, cancer, heart disease, strokes, neurological disorders, epilepsy and insanity. Homeopathy on the contrary works in opposite directions and helps cure patient form more deeper layer to a superficial layer. Hence when we treat a patient of asthma, we expect and tell patient that if the asthma has to get better, you have to develop the same skin eruption, which was suppressed years back by ointments. That is why homeopathy is sometimes blamed to bring out old diseases.

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