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Even though the sweet pill tastes the same, it carries different effect for different people, even suffering from the same disease.

The basic concept of individualization in homoeopathy, which aims at treating every individual with separate medicine even though two persons suffer from same disease, treats each individuals separately.

Dr. Hahnemann said that each patient is different from another and his reaction to all the internal and external forces or stimuli will, therefore, be different from another. This he described as the principle of individualization. But the medical science, only after discovering electron microscope, could go down to see at the genetic level and came up with genome theory and claimed that more than one fifth of the proteins (and hence genes) in each human being exist in the form that differs from the one present This remarkable genetic variability, or polymorphism, among normal people accounts for much of the normal variation in body traits such as height, intelligence, and blood pressure. These genetic differences also determine the ability of each individual to meet environmental challenges, including those that produce disease. This theory has categorically proved that every individual is a different individual. This proves that Moreover Homoeopathy has grown and been refined, but the principles and the research that led to its discovery are still relevant and meaningful even after more than two hundred years. Had these principles not been so effective, they would have required amendments. The failure to understand this beautiful gift of Dr. Hahnemann lies not in homoeopathy, but in the homoeopath.

The latest human genome project offers the best guide to homoeopathy in recognizing and explaining the individuality of a person in every case. Homoeopathy maintains that a true science of therapeutics must enable the practitioner to recognize the difference between two individuals suffering from the same disease and find the needed remedy for each of them.

Nowadays the concept of individualization is being investigated through research in the new and happening field of Pharmacogenomics, the science of dissecting the genetic determinants of drug kinetics and effects using information from the human genome. It’s not an easy task for the masses and the students of homoeopathy to understand how the mystical cures in homoeopathy occur. However, those who are aware of the advances made by the modern sciences have already started relating these to homoeopathy. It is true that all true sciences are interrelated and touch each other in many respects. They often exchange works as well as words.

When two individuals of same age and sex suffer from same disease, say pneumonia, the allopathic physician would prescribe both of them the same medicine whereas a homoeopathic physician would prescribe different remedies to them.

This is due to the fact that allopathic school of medicine tries to find out the specific remedies for the specific diseases named and classified according to their nosological scheme like tuberculosis, pneumonia etc. but homoeopathic school of medicine tries to find out a general principle which will be made applicable to find out a specific remedy for each specific individual – whatever may be the nosological term for his diseasecondition. This individualistic approach advocated by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann is the very basis of homoeopathic system of medicine. It is the hub around which the whole system revolves.

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