HomoeoPATHY at its best at HomoeoCARE


Driven by the conviction that a healthy, happy life is the fundamental right of every person, curing these children and leading them back to the mainstream of life is our sacred commitment. HomoeoCARE is a multi specialty homoeopathic clinic that focuses on eradicating disease from the very root. With our own unique approach to the processes of healing, we strive relentlessly to alleviate the suffering/ helplessness and the anxiety of the families

HomoeoCARE– which literally means ‘gentle treatment with CARE” the chain of pediatric homoeopathic clinics, is the most unique, scientific and the first of its kind in the world of homoeopathy.

Freedom from pain and suffering is what HomeoCARE’S Homeopathy means to our patients. Our physicians have pioneered the most advanced Homeopathic protocols for patients with chronic health problems.

At HomoeoCARE, we achieve this by following our own innovative approach. Through judicious application of the principles of classical Homeopathy, we cure from the root, safely and effectively. In conventional treatment that is allopathic system, approach is to treats only the symptoms of an individual without healing the individuals overall resistance thus allowing the individual to feel temporarily ok until their health crashes again. Homeopathy is effective, gentle, non-toxic, non-addictive, healing, holistic, and safe. Homeopathy is quickly becoming a mainstream, worldwide.In Homoeopathy, just removal of symptoms is not cure but to experience the joy of good health.

To understand these physical and mental characters of each and every child, we at HomoeoCARE have specially designed, unique in itself, COR (Child Observation Room).

We aim at making patients free from the clutches of dreaded diseases. At HomoeoCARE, we care and we understand.

One visit to HOMEOCARE could change your child’s life- and yours too. Try it- you will only come back feeling more blessed.